Tello – Much More Than Just a Toy

Tello – Much More Than Just a Toy

CES brought announcements from DJI about the upcoming Ronin-S and a new Osmo Mobile 2. What nobody expected was DJI to announce a partnership with startup drone company RYZE who announced their new Tello drone. While similar to other products on the market like the Parrot Mambo, what makes Tello interesting is the integration of DJI flight components.

At the $99 price point, Tello falls into the higher end of the toy category with far better flight characteristics than cheaper systems. Tello also brings automated EZ Shots, Electronic Image Stabilization, and a Vision Position Sensor, making the $99 price seem extremely reasonable.

One of the things that is making even seasoned drone pilots excited about Tello is it’s programmability. Tello uses the Scratch programming system. Scratch is a system developed at MIT to help young people learn the basics of computer programming and is taught in many schools already. People can use Scratch to create interactive stories, games, and animations, so it will be very interesting to see how Scratch can be used to program the Tello.

We see Tello as being not only a great first drone for people, but also a way to engage whole new groups of children (and many adults) to see what they can make Tello do.

We are already planning on having programming challenges in our store as soon as we see what level of control you will have over the drone.

Tello Features

  • Throw & Go – Start flying by tossing Tello into the Air
  • 8D Flips – Slide on screen to perform cool aerial stunts
  • Bounce Mode – Tello flies up and down from your hand automatically
  • EZ Shots – Record coordinated short videos with Circle, 360, and Up & Away
  • Electronic Image Stabilization – Capture consistently clear images
  • Intel Processor – Professional processing yields high-quality footage
  • 5 MP Photos – Preserve great memories with high-resolution pictures
  • Auto Takeoff/Landing – Lift off or land with a single tap
  • Low Battery Protection – Alerts go off when your battery gets low
  • Failsafe Protection – Land safely, even if you lose connection
  • Vision Positioning System – Smart tech that facilitates precise hovering


  • Weight: Approximately 80 g (Propellers and Battery Included)
  • Dimensions: 98mm*92.5mm*41mm
  • Propeller: 3 inch
  • Built-In Functions: Range Finder, Barometer, LED, Vision System, WIFI 802.11n 2.4G, 720P Live View
  • Port: Micro USB Charging Port

Flight Performance

  • Max Flight Distance: 100m
  • Max Speed: 8m/s
  • Max Flight Time: 13min


  • Detachable Battery: 1.1Ah/3.8V


  • Photo: 5MP (2592×1936)
  • FOV: 82.6°
  • Video: HD720P30
  • Format: JPG(Photo); MP4(Video)
  • EIS: Yes

Stay tuned for more information, and let us know what you think of Tello in the comments below.


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